As the May 2011 trip winds down, I’ve been thinking about what this trip did for me. I know that I saw so much passion from a group of people I never thought I’d be close to, and I felt so touched knowing how many individuals had a life change this week. As said earlier this week by one of the students, no matter what we do for the people we’re building for, be it painting a wall or putting up drywall, it’s a change. There is so much positive impact that we are leaving here, and that’s a beautiful thing. The best part is that we take some of that home with us, and we hold onto it forever. Some of us will come back; some might not. But we were all here, and we did something that will forever be in our hearts. This trip has given us all opportunities for new beginnings; maybe some will be more grateful for what they have. Some might have inspiration for what they want to do with their live though they were lost before. I feel in my heart that we’ve all done something good for someone else this week. This is less of an ending of a trip, but a beginning to a new way of seeing life, and we can all let that carry us to our next destination.


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