Hope at Camp Hope

Tonight was our last reflection meeting and it was a great way to wrap up our week by hearing each others’ conclusions of what this week meant to them.  Everyone was given a piece of paper and we had to present our thoughts as the title to an article or blog.  As each person’s title was held up it became clear that everyone felt something similar; hope.  Whether it was the need for hope to continue or the power hope has had in New Orleans, almost every student commented on hope.  As I look back on this week, and my previous trips, I too am reminded how important hope is.  The people I have met in New Orleans, whether they are residents, fellow students, or other volunteers, all have shown hope.  Residents are hopeful that their lives will return and volunteers are hopeful that help will continue.  Without this hope the rebuilding would not be able to continue here and Wheelock would not be able to continue our trips down here.  It is this hope that is changing lives in New Orleans and Boston.


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