Sometimes, we see things that captivate and absorb us. These things come at times we don’t always expect. My group had to move to a new house today, which was in a different state from the one we just finished. There was a lot of work to be done, and we were placed with another Wheelock team. Though our house could definitely be described as one in disarray, the home next door, abandoned and skeletal, took me in today. I thought of the fact that this storm happened 5 years ago and yet this home was still empty. It helped me realize that life has chapters for every person, and sometimes doors to the past will never close.  That person’s door had been left open, but they never got back to it. This idea of chapters and opening and closing doors continued into the reflection meeting, where I realized how far my journey with these students has gone and how much they’ve grown. I also realized the trip is concluding and my time here is quickly ending as well. But I don’t feel sad, rather, I feel that another milestone is set and I have more to come.


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