We see your love.

House close to finished, today our team said goodbye to the home we’d been working on for the past three days. At the end of our time at the house, we each wrote a note to the homeowner; while writing it I realized I wasn’t sure how exactly to phrase what I felt to her. It didn’t make sense; I know that the people here need help and deserve it, and of course I want to do what I can. For some reason though, the words hadn’t come yet. Later on, we went to a thank you dinner held by a few residents who wanted to thank the volunteers of the St. Bernard Project. They ended the dinner with a video made by the man whose family ran it, and it helped to make things make sense for me. He talked in the  video about his Katrina experience, and how volunteers and their willingness to help made him himself again. Text appeared on the screen reading, “we see your love.” That made it clear to me: to volunteer is to love others who you don’t know and may never meet again, but to love them simply because it’s something we all need. They love us back for helping, and the unseen relationship is one that is felt, which will stay will everyone on this trip forever.


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