Today we had the opportunity to visit a rural African American cemetery just outside of New Orleans.  This cemetery, like all cemeteries in New Orleans, had rows and rows of crypts.  However, this cemetery was visibly hit hard by Katrina.  Having seen destruction in New Orleans before I thought what more must I see to be in complete shock, but this cemetery left me speechless.  Giant crypts had been moved and opened during the storm, crypts had collided with other crypts, and numbered caskets remained unidentified, crumbling at the side of cemetery.  Even now, I can’t believe that water and wind had the power to move structures that seem so strong.  But it did and it moved more than that, because families are displaced still today and as seen in this cemetery, still cannot locate family members.  Seeing the Mississippi just across the road this cemetery is another reminder how two simple elements have completely uprooted lives for years.  With 10,000 families still waiting to come home, the cemetery reminded me that work must continue to give people back their lives and especially for those who don’t have that opportunity.


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