“You guys are my hope”

Today was a very special day of building. At my house, our AmeriCorps leader opened up and talked with our group, making the atmosphere at our house very fun and productive. We also met our homeowner, who was so excited to see a group of young women making her home come to life: in her words, it was great to see “all that woman power.” We also did a lot of switching of roles today, which made everyone feel really accomplished. The co-founder of St. Bernard project came by as well, and we got to meet her and hear a little bit about her. We interviewed a female Mardi Gras krewe’s creative director, who brought us to an amazing warehouse full of floats and props.  She told us so much about the history of it, and gave us all parting gifts, which was a lovely addition to it. In reflection, we all discussed our days, and one student from a house that also met their owner said she felt touched and inspired by him telling them, “you guys are my hope.” I thought that the sentiment of it was beautiful and hearing things like that is what gets people through. It sometimes does get frustrating, and sometimes we even want to give up, but knowing that you are someone else’s hope gives that little extra bit to keep us moving.


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