Involve me and I’ll remember

Tonight our group had the opportunity to reflect on what leadership meant to them, which is so important on a student lead trip.  During our reflection meeting I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say about leadership but after hearing almost the entire group of students talk I knew.  I thought back to something I read a while back that said tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I’ll remember, and involve me and I’ll understand.  For anyone who knows me, I talk about New Orleans like it’s my job.  And for a long time I could tell people about it and they would listen but brush it off like it was nothing.  However, Wheelock has given close friends of mine the opportunity to learn about New Orleans.  The class allowed me to continue to talk about New Orleans and get feedback from others whom had yet to experience it.  Finally, my peers have joined me on this trip and are involved in the things that I hold close to my heart and understanding why I am so passionate about the rebuilding in New Orleans.


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