touched down, bags unpacked

We’ve landed, driven around a bit, and made our beds at camp. Considering that we all flew in at different times, the group has come together like we haven’t missed a beat. Tomorrow we embark on a bayou tour, followed by visits to the lower 9th and the French quarter. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow, and the city, will hold.


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One Response to touched down, bags unpacked

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi There: I was looking at the school site since my daughter mentioned it’s on her list of schools for us to look at next year. Your article caught my eye since I also have traveled to that area since Katrina hit. A few friends and I take a group of high school seniors every year to the Bay St. Louis area. I want to wish you all the best while you are there and will pray for your group. Without a doubt that the people of Louisana are so appreciative of all the help they get. Peace be with you.

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