Reflections from Wednesday

Reflections from Wednesday

“Moved, Accomplished, Empowered, Macho-Woman, Challenged, Changed, Lucky, Enlightened, Proud, Strong, Awakened, Benefitted, Privileged, Revived, Inspired, Excited.”

These were the words the group used to describe their experience thus far.

Today, we attempted to travel to Shell Beach, an area which is predominantly the home of fisherman in St. Bernard Parish.  Our trip was impeded by a roadblock setup by the St. Bernard Parish Government and Police Force.   The area past the roadblock has been setup as a staging area for the efforts to control the British Petroleum oil spill that occurred almost a month ago.  This oil spill has the potential to do more damage to the Parish than Katrina did.  Not to the homes and buildings, but to the industry, economy, and lifestyle, especially to those in St. Bernard’s fishing industry—a major part of the Parish’s economy.  We were able to talk briefly with the St. Bernard Parish President who updated us on their efforts to control the spill which as of this posting is 19 miles away from the outermost region of the Parish.

After learning this information this afternoon, conversations began on the ride back and continued in tonight’s meeting.  Annie ‘11 said, “An average person can come down to rebuild, but we can’t go into the Gulf to clean-up.”  Conversations then went on to the human-created disaster of the oil spill and how will we feel when we leave for Boston in just two and a half days knowing the spill could potentially affect the Parish worse than Katrina.

Everyone felt it is important to realize that although we will not be able to complete our work down here, that we are still a vital part of the whole effort in rebuilding the homes we are working on.  We also felt as a part of continuing our journey in NOLA and beyond that we will continue our education of NOLA through all issues as well as educating others when we return to Boston.

-Stephanie Grover

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