Day 2 Rebuilding

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
“Let us build a house where love can dwell and all can safely live.” (quote found on painted ceiling tile at Camp Hope)

Today was our second day rebuilding homes. Two of the student groups got to meet the owners of the homes they’re working on today, while another group learned that the home they are helping to rebuild will be rented out to the elderly at Pre-Katrina rates.  After Katrina, the rent prices in St. Bernard have skyrocketed to almost double what they were.

After a long, hot and very rewarding day of work, we went to our second professional contact visit at Covenant House, the city’s first human service collaborative for neighborhoods.

This site has a very powerful vision, akin to Wheelock’s mission of improving the lives of children and families. The Covenant House’s goals are “Providing shelter and services to children and youth who are homeless or at great risk. In the spirit of open intake, services will be offered to all youth who seek help, with a priority of concern and commitment to those for whom no other service is available. We will make every effort to reunite kids with their families. We will collaborate with community agencies and associations and actively participate in community efforts to improve the condition of families and children.” We were extremely impressed by the efforts of Covenant House employees who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of children in this city.

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