Students get to work

Monday, May 24, 2010
Today was a day of excitement and heat (93 degrees). We had an early morning orientation at the Saint Bernard Project (SBP) and toured the homes we’ll be working on. To date, SBP has completed 275 homes and is hosting their annual Women’s Rebuild Week. This week consists of women all around the country coming together to rebuild homes owned by women in New Orleans. We’ll be working on four different homes this week.  The tasks at hand include hanging dry-wall (sheet rock), mudding, and painting. Within each house, an AmeriCorps leader told us a bit about the home’s history, the home owner, and the skills needed to complete the work.

Today’s first professional development interview was at the Grief and Loss Center of New Orleans. We had the opportunity to speak with a human service professional and learned how the center was affected by Katrina and the work the clinician performs for adults, children, and their families. We’re energized for the week to come…despite the heat!

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